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Sensor Accessories

Easy at Every Stage

From hole machining kits to software packages for transmitter commissioning we can help solve your problems. 

Cleaning Tool Kit

The cleaning tool kit was designed by Dynisco for use in removing excess plastic from mounting holes for pressure and temperature transducers.

More information on Cleaning Tool Kit

Button Seal Process Adapter

The Button Seal Process Adapter is a sensor accessory that allows for the installation of a 1/2-20 UNF (Unified National Fine thread) melt pressure sensor into a button seal style process mounting port. The sensor can be supplied by Dynisco or any other manufacturer.

More information on Button Seal Process Adapter

Cable Assemblies | Connectors

The cable assemblies provide the electrical hookup from the transducer to the display instrumentation.

More information on Cable Assemblies | Connectors

VPC 999084 Transducer Simulator

Model VPC-999084 simplifies the on-line troubleshooting of Dynisco strain gauge transducers, signal conditioners, and indicators.

More information on VPC 999084 Transducer Simulator

Transducer Mounting Hole Machining Tool Kit

The Dynisco Transducer Mounting Hole Machining Tool Kit contains all of the necessary drills and taps to prepare a standard 1/2 - 20 UNF transducer mounting hole and the 45 degree seat.

More information on Transducer Mounting Hole Machining Tool Kit

Portable Pressure Source Model 1100

The Portable Pressure Source PPS1100 offers a quick, efficient, and accurate means for checking pressure transducers in the field.

More information on Portable Pressure Source Model 1100

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