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Sustainability in the Plastics Industry

Dynisco is doing all it can to support sustainability in the plastics industry. 

We help provide customers the ability to understand the quality of the polymer through their entire manufacturing process. We begin with checking material as it enters the facility through continuous lot inspection and control adjustments with online rheometers to ensure that, regardless of the amount of recycled material used in the process, your product meets your design expectations.

Click the button below to contact our industry professionals to understand how you can encourage sustainability while maintaining your standards of quality within your production environment.

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Learn more about why sustainability is important and how Dynisco can help you meet your initiatives- check out our video below


Global Sustainability

See how Dynisco plays a role in global sustainability initiatives with pressure sensors, online rheometers, melt flow indexers, and our IoT Cloud Connect™ software.




Sustainability with Dynisco

Dynisco is dedicated to providing plastics processors and recyclers with accurate rheological information, helping to reduce waste and encourage sustainable practices. Navigate to the Sustainability with Dynisco page to see how our online rheometers, laboratory rheology, and Dynisco IoT Cloud Connect™ software can help optimize your processes and encourage sustainability in the plastics industry.
Sustainability with Dynisco


Online Rheometers

Take the next step by adding a Dynisco ViscoIndicator Online Rheometer to your standard extruder that enables full lot-to-lot measurement of your production run while allowing you to send an automatic signal to your blender or feeder for real-time adjustment of your production line.


Online Rheometers

Melt Flow Indexers

Melt flow indexers provide plastics processors and recyclers with valuable information that either confirms a polymer's specification on a polymer data sheet or, in the case of recycled material, informs operators of the current melt flow index (MFI) or intrinsic viscosity (IV) of the recycled plastic.
Melt Flow Indexers

Dynisco IoT Cloud Connect

Dynisco is now manufacturing products that can be merged with data science. IoT Cloud Connect™, for example, provides a window into your process and can help you discover new insights previously unseen. All test samples can be uploaded to the Dynisco IoT Cloud Connect™ by phone, tablet, or PC. This is where your polymer data can be stored and compared by device, production run, operator, and global location.

The aggregation of data gives an insight into the process and helps to better understand and manage:
  • Control strategies that adjust the process to improve material quality
  • Material verification at each stage of the process using correlations
  • Variations in the properties of plastic that effect product quality
  • Environmental conditions that lead to variations in test or production processes

Dynisco Cloud Connect™

Take a look at our Sustainability blog below from our Knowledge Center, where we further explore how our products can help take an active role in creating a more sustainable industrial environment.

Sustainability Blog






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Dynisco's Approach to Sustainability