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Repair and Calibration Policies

We've updated our repair and calibration process for faster turnaround with greater transparency.

 Simple, upfront pricing that eliminates downstream processing delays
 Easy-to-read reports provide detailed insights into the diagnosis and repair of your product
 Commentary and recommendations from our technical experts that can improve installation and prevent future failures

Important Changes


Warranty repairs – To avoid delays in claims that do not meet our warranty policy, we charge the full price of repair upfront. If your warrantly claim is accepted, your purchase order won't be charged or your credit card will be refunded. In either case, we will provide a detailed report that transparently explains our findings and warranty decisions.


Flat rate for evaluations and repairs – While we wish we could keep offering free evaluation, the numbers speak for themselves. An upfront repair contract drastically reduces turnaround time. Our goal is to get you back up and running. In the event that your unit cannot be repaired, you will be charged a reduced repair rate on a new unit allowing you to get back in full operation quickly.

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Choosing the Best Service for You

Are you returning your unit for repair or calibration? Under our new structure this is an important decision, as we will perform the action you tell us. Sending a broken unit back for calibration means that you will be charged for a failed calibration, and you will then need to pay for an additional repair. 

• Has your unit stopped responding to pressure changes? Has the performance of the sensor changed suddenly and dramatically? If you answered yes, a repair is your best option.

• Is your unit functioning well, but your quality requirements dictate that you send the unit back for a factory calibration? In this case, calibration is your best option.

• Still not sure? We suggest choosing a repair. This will allow us to evaluate your unit for damages. If the calibration is off, we will adjust it as part of the repair.

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Mercury Reclamation


At Dynisco, we are on a journey to enable our customers to produce in a world without waste, and that starts at home.  Many of our sensor products use mercury to drive reliable pressure sensing in extreme temperature and pressure environments.  To protect our environment and communities, Dynisco offers certified safe mercury disposal free of charge for its products.

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Ask an Expert & Service Requests


If you require further explanation of our repair and calibration process, then click the Ask an Expert link below to contact an expert to help you.

Ask an Expert


Have A Question? Ask a Dynisco expert for more information.

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Repair and Calibration