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An Industry Pioneer in Plastics Extrusion

Pressure and temperature measurement in plastics extrusion is critical to improving processing efficiency, safety and finished product quality. Dynisco developed the first transducer specifically used to measure the melt pressure of plastic during manufacturing. With over 50 years of experience, Dynisco is recognized as the industry leader in providing measurement and control solutions for a variety of plastics extrusion applications. In a typical single or twin-screw extruder, Dynisco transducers and transmitters are used to measure pressure along the extruder barrel and at the screen changer, melt pump, and extruder die. At each of these locations, pressure measurement detects any potential problems and helps operators ensure smooth, trouble-free processing.

Shared Knowledge

Dynisco PolyClean Fluidized Bath Overview Presentation

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The Importance of Monitoring Extrusion Stability

It has long been known that pressure instability for polymer melt entering the die usually results directly in ouput variation. Instrumentation used in these early studies was too delicate and expensive to be practical for routine commercial use. An excellent article written by B. H. Maddock, covering some of his early studies is title “Measurement and Analysis of Extruder Stability.”

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An Introduction to Single Screw Extrusion

Extrusion is a process used for creating a product (an extrudate) by forcing a material through a die or an orifice to form a shape, or alternatively an extruder is used to produce semi-finished or finished products.

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Coping with Transducer-Crippling Pressure Spikes

After investigating these spikes, we developed a laboratory method for determining the magnitude of the actual pressure spike that caused a specific field failure. The method shows that pressure spikes many times that of nominal system pressure can occur in a system.

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Dynisco Pressure Transducers Relay Vital Information for Closed Loop Control

One of the fastest growing areas for the use of pressure measurement instrumentation is in the co-extrusion of multi layer barrier structures. Many leading co-extrusion design and manufacturing firms, such as the Cloeren Company, engineer melt pressure transducers into their systems for closed loop process control.

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Melt Pressure Measurement: Environmental Effects

The Need For Pressure Measurement in Extrusion In order to maintain the dimensional stability necessary to produce extruded products that meet todays precise quality and tolerance specifications, it is necessary to keep both the output rate and the melt condition constant (1,2). Although it is not possible to measure these quantities continuously, closely related variables such as melt temperature, and constant melt pressure at the die, the output rate can be considered constant.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Pressure Transducers

When specifying a pressure transducer for a process measurement, a number of items have to be considered. Some of the more important ones are discussed in terms of the transducer itself as well as the overall measuring system. This information is user-oriented and serves as a practical guide in the selection and application of strain gage pressure transducers.

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Melt Processing of Thermoplastics for Extrusion and Injection Molding

Extrusion and injection molding are the most important conversion techniques used by the thermoplastics processing industry, Certain factors need to be considered before a thermoplastics material is processed, regardless of whether it is injection molding or extrusion molding that is used.

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ATC Series Wiring Conversion

The attached document outlines the terminals and functions of the previous models (ATC880/770) and cross references them with our current controller (ATC990). We hope that this resource tool makes instrument replacement easier, and reduces your down time from production.

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Instrumentation Training Guide

The purpose of this training is to introduce our users to the 1/8th din process indicators offered by Dynisco, and to familiarize them with the setup and operation of the devices.

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Simplified Rheology for the Masses

We address issues such as the need to test polymers, the correlation of lab values to online production, and the impact of melt flow index and viscosity on part quality and profitability.

Dynisco and Sustainability in the Plastics Industry

Sustainability is More than Protecting the Environment. Make Your Impact with Dynisco. Dynisco is dedicated to providing plastics processors and recyclers with accurate rheological information, helping to reduce waste and encourage sustainable practices

Simplified Rheology: A Technical Discussion

Understand technical aspects of how parameters change between laboratory standards and production and how advanced equipment today can adjust for these differences.

Closed Loop Pressure Control for the Extrusion Process

Extrusion is a continuous process and successful economic production depends on maintaining stable output and melt quality at an accurately controlled rate. Current screw design technology, the use of DC drives, computerized controllers and raw material testing help to deliver the melt to the extrusion die at relatively constant temperature, pressure and viscosity.

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Understanding Pressure Measurement Needs of Plastic Manufacturing

Divided into 3 sections, obtain a general understanding of pressure transducer basics, the types of plastic extrusion, and the benefits of pressure transducers.

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Operating Standards and Records

The overall performance of an extrusion line is strongly dependent upon selection of processing conditions and proper maintenance of extrusion hardware. Management should not expect to achieve a high-quality product at good production rates if extrusion equipment is not well maintained or if operating conditions are not well defined.

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Effects of Viscoelastic Properties of Polymer Melts on the Entrance Flow Pattern

Analyzing elastic properties and predicting flow instability of viscoelastic polymers is important for designing dies and flow systems in an extrusion process simulation or quality/process control purposes. This is even more essential for the processes that are involved with stretching of polymer melt such as film/sheet extrusion or blown film extrusion

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