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A Variety of Additional Economical Solutions

Our pressure gauges are designed to provide simple, maintenance-free pressure indication. Indication and alarms provide a warning for over-pressure situations. Dual pressure and temperature models are available. Burst plugs are designed to instantaneously rupture when excess pressure occurs in the extrusion process.

BP420 Series

Burst Plugs (also known as rupture disks) are designed for reliable, emergency relief of excess pressure in a system.

More information on BP420 Series

BP520 Series

Burst Plugs (also known as rupture disks) are custom assemblies with pop-top burst indication that are a design option on extruder barrel assemblies.

More information on BP520 Series


The versatile model RT350 signal conditioner accepts an input from strain gage sensors and provides an opto - isolated, amplified DC output.

More information on RT350

DYKE | DYMT | TI422 | TG422 | TB422J

Dynisco has a wide variety of robust Melt Temperature measurement devices which are designed to measure temperature in the melt stream for the Extrusion and Polymer Processing Industries.

More information on DYKE | DYMT | TI422 | TG422 | TB422J

PG4 Series

Dynisco’s family of mechanical pressure gauges are the ideal choice for applications requiring simple, maintenance-free pressure indication.

More information on PG4 Series


The Graduated Retractable Melt Thermocouple (GRMT) is used to measure temperatures inside the polymer melt stream.

More information on GRMT

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