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UPR900 Process Indicator

The UPR900 can display your choice of engineering units related to a selectable range of input types. Add an optional secondary input for an all-in-one display of polymer melt pressure and temperature. The secondary input can be strain gauge to indicate differential pressure measurement. The UPR900 includes two standard assignable alarms with the option to add a 3rd. The LCD graphical display allows for easy reading of trending graphs with user selectable monochromatic configurations. The UPR900 is easily field-configured, can be programmed remotely via optional Modbus RS-485 or can be programmed with BlueControl software.
  • Graphical/text LCD Display with color change LED backlight on alarm (red/green)
  • Graphical trend view of process, alarms & events as standard
  • Easy to use Setup Wizard
  • USB port option for access to configuration and log files
  • Data logging option logs process values, set points and alarms to .csv file for use with spreadsheets
  • Modbus RS-485 and Modbus TCP Ethernet supported
  • BlueControl configuration and commissioning software option
  • Display pressure, temperature, or even differential pressure
  • Optional second input/output for cost-effective single instrument
  • Analog retransmission of process variable allows signal to be sent to other devices
  • Configure locally or remotely by optional Modbus RTU


Address List

This document contains the address list and error code definitions for MODBUS communications protocol

ATC990 & UPR900 Expanded User Guide

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Dynisco UPR Legacy Equipment Cross Reference Table

This document is a cross-reference tool that can be used for the UPR legacy equipment

UPR900 Conversion Table


Dynisco's ATC990 | UPR900 Applications and Setup

ATC990 Process Controller and UPR900 Process Indicator Technical Notes, Applications and Setup


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UPR900 Wiring and Calibration Guide

In order to maintain your Dynisco pressure sensor's reliability and accuracy over time, certain maintenance and cleaning procedures should be followed. Check out our new video that focuses on the removal, care, and maintenance process of a Dynisco pressure sensor from an extruder.

Tech Notes

The Importance of Monitoring Extrusion Stability

It has long been known that pressure instability for polymer melt entering the die usually results directly in ouput variation. Instrumentation used in these early studies was too delicate and expensive to be practical for routine commercial use. An excellent article written by B. H. Maddock, covering some of his early studies is title “Measurement and Analysis of Extruder Stability.”

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