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Cloud Connect™ Subscription: LMI5500

Dynisco’s Cloud Connect™ subscription provides customers with a comprehensive access of rheological data, correlations, and dashboards.  This interface allows for a complete “Window into the Process” providing valuable insight to your polymer process

Correlate your rheological data from the lab to the production floor- in real time!

The IoT native software of the LMI5500 allows for real-time access to your testing information.  This platform also allows you to correlate the lab testing performed on the LMI5500 to online production rheometers that are connected to Dynisco IoT Cloud Console.  By comparing this important data, lot to lot traceability for material certifications is handled easily and can be viewed instantaneously globally on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

Unsure if this is right for you?  Try our 90 day demo trial at no cost to see first hand how the aggregation of data can enable insights providing a window into your process.  

Production Benefits:

  • One place to store, manage and correlate all rheological and sensing data
  • Ability to export instruments data into easily managed excel format
  • Improved labor/equipment utilization metrics across lines and/or facilities
  • Predictive maintenance
  • 24/7 lot to lot production correlation to lab measurements


Systematic Benefits:

  • Backward compatible to Dynisco Legacy products
  • Ability to conduct "Round Robins" between facilities and production lines
  • Compares results from:
    • Lab to lab
    • Machine to machine
    • Operator to operator 


Declarations of Conformity

RoHS Declaration of Conformity


Dynisco Product Portfolio

From breakthrough technology in the industry’s most complete line of sensors to renowned quality and performance in indicators, controls, and analytical instruments Dynisco has demonstrated the skill, experience and know-how that not only deliver the right solution for your unique application, but also provide unparalleled customer support.


How Dynisco is Remolding the Plastics Industry Podcast

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ASTM/ISO Method B Test Using the Dynisco LMI5500 Melt Flow Indexer

Get quick and accurate measurements of melt flow characteristics to determine material quality, lot to lot consistency, and ensure what you are buying is what you need. Let’s take a look at one of the specific ways you can speed the development, production, quality testing and analysis of your polymer- The ASTM/ISO Method B Test

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Dynisco Online Shop Overview

Dynisco’s Online Shop is where you can have access to ordering all Dynisco parts from Polymer Testing Equipment to Sensors to accessories- all to optimize your application.


Simplified Rheology for the Masses

We address issues such as the need to test polymers, the correlation of lab values to online production, and the impact of melt flow index and viscosity on part quality and profitability.

Simplified Rheology: A Technical Discussion

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