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Why Use The Dynisco Cloud Connect?

The Dynisco Cloud Connect™ can be used for one product or entire global production lines – whether across the street, or across the globe giving you easy access to manage data across the cloud, no matter where it lives. With the new Dynisco Cloud Connect through Microsoft® Azure – you get a single cloudsolution that aggregates all your device(s) data into one place that is secure, reliable, easy to share, with support that is accessible 24/7.

  • Always-on availability: Microsoft Azure is extremely reliable and information is available just about anywhere (as long as a connection to the Internet is possible.
  • Improved mobility: Data and applications are available to employees no matter where they are. Users can access critical information anywhere though mobile devices—working in the field, at home, or in the office.   This helps create a better work-life balance.
  • Easier to share information: Collaboration is improved by allowing distributed groups of people to share information in real time.
  • Better control of access to information: Everyone accesses a single copy of the source information, so you don’t have multiple versions of the same file floating around.  Access to that information can be controlled - You never know what might happen if information gets into the wrong hands, even if it’s just the hands of an untrained employee.
  • Fresh software: The latest versions of the applications that run the device and leverage the information it generates are made available to all as they’re released. Upgrades will put new features and functionality into user’s hands faster making them more productive.

Cloud Connect™ Subscription: LMI5500

The IoT native software of the LMI5500 allows for connection to the Dynisco IoT Cloud Console for real-time access to your testing information.

More information on Cloud Connect™ Subscription: LMI5500

Cloud Connect™ Subscription: ViscoIndicator

Dynisco Cloud Connect Subscription provides a comprehensive access of Rheological Data, Correlations, and dashboards. This interface allows for a complete “Window into the Process” providing valuable insight to your polymer process

More information on Cloud Connect™ Subscription: ViscoIndicator

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