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Pressure Measurement Start-Up Kit

Fabrizio Ranieri, Regional Sales Manager- GST-South & Italy


Dynisco pressure transducers are widely used in complex and specific applications but sometimes the need to be fulfilled is very simple: measuring pressure and give an alarm in case of overpressure.

Here is what you need in this case:

½’’ 20 UNF Port for mounting the transducer.

This is the most common port and is often already available on plastic machinery. However it is critical to have a clean and correctly machined port as installing a transducer in a port which is filled with plastic or not dimensionally correct will quickly damage the transducer.

Dynisco has a specific transducer mounting hole machining tool kit for instances where a new pressure port must be installed on the extruder.    

If the mounting port is already available, it is easy to check that it is properly cleaned and still has the correct dimensions with the Dynisco cleaning tool kit.


Pressure Sensor

Here you will find from Dynisco thousand options, and easily get lost. To learn more about this, read our blog on how to select a pressure transducer.

It is suggested that you start with the Dynisco ECHO Series which offer a good cost/performance ratio.  There are only a few points to consider when selecting the correct model, such as the maximum pressure of the system. 

Let’s assume that a sensor with a max pressure of 5000psi (350bar) is appropriate.  The model code would most likely be:

  • ECHO-MV3-PSI-R21-UNF-6PN-S06-F18-NTR


This transducer has both a rigid stem (6inches or 15cm long) and flexible capillary (18 inches or 42cm long), which is normally used when the transducer is mounted on top of the extruder. Remember that the temperature at diaphragm in contact with the material can go up to 400°C or even 530°C, but the electronic part cannot go higher than 85°C or 120°C. The flexible capillary puts some distance between the point of measurement and the electronics, to take the electronics away from the hot zone.


Pressure Indicator

Dynisco also has a number of options of pressure indicators available.  A good option is the 1480-4-1-0-0 as it fits quite well with the ECHO-MV3 as above, offers 2 independent relays, a retransmission 0-10V or 4-20mA and a universal AC supply of 100-240V.


The last element of your kit will be the cable .

If you are using an ECHO-MV3-PSI-R21-UNF-6PN-S06-F18-NTR or a similar one with “6PN”, you will need a Cable with a 6 pin Bendix connector. 

For example: a 3 meter (10 feet) cable is supplied with the item number 929008.  Consider that the cable may have a different item number depending on where in the world you are sourcing (e.g. Americas or Europe or Asia). If the cable is black outside than follow the guide here for wiring.

This will complete your kit using the below elements:

  • Your Sensor: ECHO-MV3-PSI-R21-UNF-6PN-S06-F18-NTR (5000psi-350 bar max)
  • Your Pressure Indicator: 1480-4-1-0-0
  • Your Cable: 929008 or equivalent for 3 meters (10 feet)

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