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When to be Concerned with a Zero Shift Due to Temperature Change

Christian Prothery, Regional Sales Manager- North and South France


More than 50 years ago Dynisco developed the first liquid filled capillary melt pressure transducer. This technology has proven to be exceptionally stable, accurate, and repeatable for high pressure and high temperature pressure measurements. However, environmental temperature changes can still occur during the extrusion process. These temperature changes - which are especially apparent during start up - can cause moderate to severe shifts in output. It is generally accepted that a pressure transducer will require some level of adjustment to re-zero the unit at process temperature after installing the pressure sensor on the process.

If temperature changes during your process or re-zeroing the pressure at start up is ever an issue, the Dynisco™ SPX-T Series is the ideal solution.

The SPX-T is a smart pressure transmitter that includes a unique process temperature compensation and Dynalarity™. This amplified transmitter is an all welded construction designed for use in hazardous locations and available in various process and electrical connections. Process temperature output is also available as well as HART™ communication.

Temperature compensation is based on an RTD measurement that compensates for process temperature variations. This reduces temperature-related drift and increases accuracy.  With the SPX-T series, there is no need to re-zero for temperature changes after installation. DynaLarity uses an advanced algorithm that will linearize offsets due to process effects on the sensor. Combined Temperature Compensation and DynaLarity reduces temperature-related drift by as much as 80%.

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