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Integrate Your Extrusion Line Data to Your Polymer Lab Data

Andres Blanco, Regional Sales Manager Latin America


The signal out of a sensor can be displayed in a gauge right next to the extruder, or an indicator in the extruder panel. So, the signal is visible to operators and anyone close to the extrusion line. But data is valuable beyond the extrusion line. Your polymer lab is one team interested in pressure and temperature data of your extrusion line.

Your polymer lab is responsible for the quality of your final product and for recommending process improvements as part of their quality assurance efforts. Providing uninterrupted, automated access to pressure and temperature readings from your extrusion line makes complete sense to any polymer transforming operation. It also avoids the human error of transcribing data and the time invested in carrying on this task.

If you want to expand your sensor signal reach, Dynisco can build on your installed sensor base with the Dynisco IoT Cloud Connect™ and Ethernet enabled UPR900 indicators. Basically, you can have your UPR900 indicator send signal readings to our proprietary aggregator web-based console. With your data populating your private instance of Dynisco IOT Cloud Connect, you can provide access to your data set by managing users from other teams in your organization.

The basic configuration to achieve expanded data access is:

With this configuration, you can provide access to automated real time data to quality assurance, production planning while preserving data display next to the extrusion line. The Edge device is the preeminent signal gateway to aggregate data from current and legacy Dynisco extrusion and laboratory products in the consolidated view of IoT Cloud Connect. To learn more, click here.

If you are considering this solution, make sure to configure your UPR900 with Ethernet communication.

Follow chart below:

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