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Sustainability with Dynisco

The growth of sustainability in the plastics industry is expected to continue exponentially, and plastics processors are taking this into account.

Factory Illustration

The tendency towards sustainability and efficiency has been increasing among manufacturers in the plastics industry, particularly where a large volume of plastics resins is being produced or recycled.


Companies therefore require accurate information that allows them to validate and if necessary adjust their processes to ensure the products they make either meet or exceed their specifications. The information Dynisco provides allows customers to keep their processes consistent, regardless of their location.

Dynisco's diverse portfolio of sensing and polymer test equipment delivers some of the most accurate information available in the market for measuring polymer rheology, pressure, and temperature. Dynisco IoT Cloud Connect™ also enables customers to correlate the data derived from pilot and laboratory environments with online production, 24/7.



Dynisco provides laboratory and extrusion-mounted equipment that directly monitors critical properties of your process. These properties can be monitored and adjusted realtime, allowing you to optimize your process for lot-to-lot consistency and maintain polymer to your quality standards while incorporating more recycled material.

Dynisco LMI5500 Melt Flow Indexers


Melt flow indexers provide plastics processors and recyclers with valuable information that either confirms a polymer's specification on a polymer data sheet or, in the case of recycled material, informs operators of the current melt flow index (MFI) or intrinsic viscosity (IV) of the recycled plastic.

The Dynisco LMI5500 Melt Flow Indexer can measure the IV of PET or RPET safely without the use of hazardous chemicals. This allows recyclers and processors to identify the IV of their PET and ensure the material is at the level required for their application. Knowing the IV and MFI can help to make critical adjustments to the process to ensure quality. When you know the MFI, you can adjust your process to ensure quality. This could be by adjusting the virgin/regrind ratios or adding an additive to the process to bring the regrind back into specification.

LMI5500 can also correlate with Dynisco's ViscoIndicator Online Rheometer, which can measure the IV every 15 seconds, allowing processors to adjust their drying systems to achieve the highest grade of PET available.

Dynisco ViscoIndicator Online Rheometers


Take the next step by adding a Dynisco ViscoIndicator Online Rheometer to your standard extruder that enables full lot to lot measurement of your production run while allowing you to send an automatic signal to your blender or feeder for real-time adjustment of your production line.

The ViscoIndicator can provide precise and continuous real-time MFI and IV data of extruded materials at the standard ASTM/ISO temperature, regardless of the processing temperature, by considering the temperature dependency of the melt flow behavior of plastic materials. It also allows processors in any manufacturing or recycling industry to consistently ensure quality by sending control signals to adjust production parameters based on the current rheology measurements in order to maintain polymer specifications.

The ViscoIndicator is also designed in a way that precisely duplicates the standard testing condition of melt flow rate testing. The ViscoIndicator provides the valuable plastics information of melt flow index or viscosity values. The common standards for melt flow rate testing are ASTM-1238 and ISO-1133, which determine standard conditions such as temperature and weight for a specific material. This passes the challenge of melt flow rate simulation in an online rheometer on to an extruder since the processing temperature can be different from that of standard ASTM/ISO temperatures in a melt flow rate tester.

Dynisco IoT Cloud Connect™

Dynisco IoT Cloud Connectâ„¢

Dynisco is now manufacturing products that can be merged with data science. IoT Cloud Connect™, for example, provides a window into your process and can help you discover new insights previously unseen. All test samples can be uploaded to the Dynisco IoT Cloud Connect by phone, tablet, or PC. This is where your polymer data can be stored and compared by device, production run, operator, and global location.

The aggregation of data gives an insight into the process and helps to better understand and manage:

  • Control strategies that adjust the process to improve material quality
  • Variations in the properties of plastic that affect product quality
  • Material verifaction at each stage of the process using correlations
  • Environmental conditions that lead to variations in test or production process

Use these insights generated by Dynisco IoT Cloud Connect today and turn them into better decisions for tomorrow.


Dynisco IoT Cloud Connect™

Learn more about Dynisco's role in these sustainability initiatives.


For information on how Dynisco's laboratory and on-line rheometry equipment can help ensure quality and encourage sustainability on your process, contact us by clicking on the link to the right.

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Sustainability with Dynisco