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Dynisco's IDA3X4 Series is designed to measure hydraulic pressure in extreme environments and corrosive media. The IDA3X4 series withstands cyclic pressure and provides outstanding performance under the severe demands of the industrial market. 

The small size of the IDA3X4 Series makes it ideal for restricted space applications. The all stainless steel construction is ideal for demanding industrial or heavy duty applications. It is environmentally sealed with zero and span adjustment, providing a simple means of calibrating in the lab or once installed. The IDA3X4 Series is supplied with 4-wire technology with a wide variety of outputs including: 0 - 5 Vdc, 1 - 6 Vdc, 0 - 10 Vdc and 1 - 11 Vdc. 

The flush diaphragm version IDA374 is designed for applications requiring a zero volume pressure port in measurement of gases, viscous liquids and slurries and has excellent cleanability.

  • 0 - 5 Vdc, 1 - 6 Vdc, 0 - 10 Vdc or 1 - 11 Vdc full scale output
  • Accuracy better than ± 0.25%
  • Pressure ranges from 0 - 20 bar to 0 - 2,000 bar
  • Contoured diaphragm for greater accuracy, repeatability, fatigue strength
  • Stainless steel construction withstands harsh operating environments and corrosive media
  • Potted electronics resists shock and vibration
  • Optimum diaphragm heat treatment contributes a longer operating life
  • Internal 80% shunt calibration
  • CE approved

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