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From very fine powders to coarse materials, the LME will meet many extruding needs. The LME possesses a movable header and dial gauge that allows for constant mixing adjustability. While in operation, the rotational shearing (mixing) is controlled by adjusting the distance between the end of the rotor and the inside header. 
  • R & D tool
  • Uses as little as a few grams of material
  • Three-part system: Extruder, Optional Take Up, and Chopper Accessories
  • Standard configuration provides rod header with replaceable 1/8” (.3175cm) orifice
  • Four optional headers available (ribbon, spinerette, tube and wire coating rod)
  • Two separate temperature controls: rotor heater and header heater
  • Short residence time – minimal thermal degradation during mixing process
  • Complete processing instrument mixing, compounding and extrusion
  • Unique, screwless design
  • Maximum temperature 400°C
  • Variable speed control, 5 to 260rpm
  • Water-cooled feed hopper


ISO 9001 Certificate

Declarations of Conformity


RoHS Declaration of Conformity


Dynisco Product Portfolio

From breakthrough technology in the industry’s most complete line of sensors to renowned quality and performance in indicators, controls, and analytical instruments Dynisco has demonstrated the skill, experience and know-how that not only deliver the right solution for your unique application, but also provide unparalleled customer support.


Dynisco Online Shop Overview

Dynisco’s Online Shop is where you can have access to ordering all Dynisco parts from Polymer Testing Equipment to Sensors to accessories- all to optimize your application.

Service Solutions

Dynisco Service Solutions

Dynisco has an extensive worldwide network of experts with thousands of years of combined pressure and application experience whose mission is to partner with you to optimize your system, solve problems and keep your operations efficient and cost-effective.


Simplified Rheology for the Masses

We address issues such as the need to test polymers, the correlation of lab values to online production, and the impact of melt flow index and viscosity on part quality and profitability.

Simplified Rheology: A Technical Discussion

Understand technical aspects of how parameters change between laboratory standards and production and how advanced equipment today can adjust for these differences.

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