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Proper Cleaning Procedure Using Dynisco Cleaning Tool Kit

Peter Duserick, Regional Sales Manager, Eastern US & Canada


Dynisco designed the cleaning tool kit for use in removing excess plastic from 1/2-20 UNF mounting holes for pressure and temperature transducers, burst plugs and thermocouples.

Installation of our products into improperly cleaned or machined holes is one of the major causes of damage to these instruments. With this kit, the 0.312" tip diameter hole, 45° seating surface, and the 0.451" hole can be cleaned. The kit includes a gauging plug, which is used to verify that the hole has been correctly machined and cleaned. (M10 and M18 cleaning kits are also available.

Cleaning Procedure

The cleaning tool must be used when the polymer is in a semi-molten state. Care must be taken not to exceed a torque rating of 100 inch-pounds during the scraping so as to not damage the cutting edges of the tool. These cutting edges are manufactured from hardened tool steel and will not wear if reasonable care is exercised. It is strongly recommended that a high temperature lubricant be applied to the tap and the threads of the guide sleeve and gauge plug to prevent seizing.

Step 1:

Clean the threads of the hole with four-fluted bottoming tap until the threads are cleaned.

Step 2:

Thread the guide sleeve/cleaning drill into the hole. Finger tight is sufficient. Ina clockwise motion, push and turn the cleaning drill so that the residue is scraped from critical surfaces. Do not rock tool back and forth. Remove tool and clean off residue. Reinsert the tool and scrape again. Continue this operation until tool is clean when removed.

Step 3:

Apply Dykem blueing agent on the gauge plug surfaces below the thread. Insert the gauge plug into the hole and rotate until surface binding is encountered. Remove and inspect. Blueing should only be scraped off 45° sealing chamfer. If blueing is removed from other surfaces, then the mounting hole is not clean or has not been machined properly.

If you would like a in-person Care & Maintenance, please contact your local Regional Sales Manager or Dynisco’s Technical Services Team (

You can also watch a detailed video on the proper care and maintenance of your sensor in order to maintain your Dynisco pressure sensor's reliability and accuracy over time



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