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Innovative Solutions

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Understand how rheological properties can impact the quality of automotive components

Automotive | Transportation

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Offering specially designed process measurement devices for the chemical industry

Chemical | Plastics

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Innovative solutions for process measurements including pressure and polymer rheology

Film | Sheet Productions

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Offering specific pressure measurement for the food, dairy and beverage industry

Food | Beverage Products

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Understand critical parameters to allow a plastic processor to reduce lot to lot variations and improve productivity

Machinery | Equipment

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Pressure measurement in the medical industry requires a specialized, high accuracy, flush mount, hermetically sealed transducers

Medical Devices

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Providing the right process measurement tools to optimize throughput

Pipes | Tubing

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Dynisco has the skill and experience to deliver the right solution for your unique application

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Shared Knowledge

The Dynisco MiniGran: The Perfect Addition to your Quality Lab.

Who in the Lab is ready to stop cutting prep-stock samples with scissors & shears by hand?

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Wall Slip Phenomena (Factors, Mechanism, and Calculation) in Capillary Rheometers

One of the common classical assumptions in rheological analysis, particularly in polymer melt flow in capillary rheometers, is no-slip boundary condition. Read more on why is it important to understand wall slippage when using a capillary rheometer for rheological analysis?

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When to be Concerned with a Zero Shift Due to Temperature Change

If temperature changes during your process or re-zeroing the pressure at start up is ever an issue, the Dynisco™ SPX-T Series of pressure sensors is the ideal solution. Check out this blog to learn more

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Integrate Your Extrusion Line Data to Your Polymer Lab Data

Providing automated access to pressure and temperature readings from your extrusion line makes complete sense to any polymer transforming operation.

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Stay ahead of the latest developments in testing, sensing and monitoring.

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Dynisco’s diverse portfolio of sensing and polymer test equipment delivers some of the most accurate information available in the market for the measurement of polymer rheology, pressure, and temperature.