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ASN - Automatic Sample Notcher - Evaluation Legacy Product

The Automatic Sample Notcher offers a safe, easy means of specimen preparation for impact testing of plastics and related materials. The compact, easy to operate notcher meets the broad range of test specifications including, ASTM D256, ISO 180, DIN 53753, BS 2782, JIS K 6871, and UNI 6323. 

The ASN is a sophisticated, fully automatic notcher. Adjusting all feed rates and cutter speed avoids stress to the sample during its preparation for testing. This permits fine adjustment when working with materials of varying hardness and softness. The ability to vary cutter speed and table speed makes the ASN a valuable research and development tool. 

A notch verification tester is provided for easy and convenient checking of notched specimens. The tester allows for easy readability of notch size, and overall better testing. This is standard equipment, available in either English or SI units. 

Operator safety has been ensured with the ASN. A transparent safety cover shields the working area while allowing unimpaired viewing of samples. If the cover is lifted during operation, an emergency shut-off is activated.

  • Automatic notching up to 16 (0.3175 cm/0.125 in) samples
  • Variable cutter/table speeds
  • Air sample cooling
  • 45° single carbide tooth cutter
  • Notch verification tester in either English or SI units
  • Special cutters available
  • Safety shut-off

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