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The Value of Dynisco Instrumentation

David Azevedo, Global Technical Support Manager


An instrument is a device (an indicator or controller)  that accepts a signal input, which represents a value such as a temperature or a pressure, and is expressed numerically or graphically.


For over 60 years, Dynisco has manufactured pressure sensors and instrumentation for use in extrusion and injection molding industries, for the purpose of safety, process improvement, and control.


When considering a pressure monitoring or control system, Dynisco strongly recommends utilizing local, discrete indicators and controllers to complement our precision sensors, and the following sections will introduce the value these instruments add.


In the extrusion and injection molding processes, the potential for pressure build up is a cause for concern for equipment owners and operators. The over pressure condition will lead to equipment failures, which cause interruption in production, and increases the chance for operator injury.


Dynisco sensors and instrumentation are primarily used as safety lockout system, which will prevent overpressure conditions in extrusion and injection molding processes, by interrupting the power source to the equipment.


The pressure sensor and instrumentation work together as a system, and should be calibrated and maintained as a matched set.


Sensor pressure ranges are selected for each application based on the material and end product being produced. Dynisco instruments are specified based on the requirements of each application, and are a direct replacement for our legacy products.


Dynisco offers indication and control devices that accept universal signal inputs from pressure and temperature sensors, to enable operators to monitor process variables locally, set alarm thresholds for early warning and shut down, and retransmission of the signal to a higher control systems.


Our ¼ din instruments (UPR900 and ATC990) offer more sophisticated features, that will enhance the operators interface such as:


  • Graphical/text LCD Display with color change LED backlight on alarm (red/green)
  • Graphical trend view of process, alarms & events as standard
  • Easy to use Setup Wizard
  • Display of differential pressure is available
  • USB port option for access to configuration and log files
  • Data logging option logs process values, set points and alarms to .csv file for use with spreadsheets
  • Modbus RS-485 and Modbus TCP Ethernet supported
  • Blue Control configuration and commissioning software option
  • Display pressure, temperature, or even differential pressure
  • Optional second input/output for cost-effective single instrument
  • Analog retransmission of process variable allows signal to be sent to other devices
  • Configure locally or remotely by optional Modbus RTU


Graphical text and LCD Display increase the ease of use, and screen color change on alarm enhance the comprehension of an alarm condition for operators.


Trend view provides the operator with a line graphic to monitor in addition to the numerical display of process variables.


The set up wizard is an intuitive tool, that  guides the users through the parameter assignments the first time the unit is powered up.


USB and Data logging interface to enable users to save parameter settings to populate additional indicators or controllers quickly, while storing process data either locally or on a removable flash drive in .csv file for statistical analysis.


Modbus communication protocol available via RS485 or TCP Ethernet


Blue control software is used to create, download, and store instrument configurations, running simulations, and retrieval of .csv files from data logger if fitted.


Analog retransmission to carry the input signals to higher control systems in amplified signal outs such as 0-5V, 0-10V, or 4-20mA


The line graph below is an example of the data that can be captured with the data logging feature of the UPR900 or ATC990








Dynisco indicators and controllers offer exceptional reliability, quick setups and user-friendly interfaces to suit virtually any need. Please contact Dynisco to discuss your specific application, so we may find a solution that will provide years of exceptional service.

Have A Question? Ask a Dynisco expert for more information.

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