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Join our Rheological Scientist's Presentation at the Extrusion 2020 Conference October 13 - 15th in Rosemont, IL

Come listen to  Dynisco's Rheological Scientist Azadeh Farahanchi, Ph.D  present her paper Thursday, October 15th at 11:00 on, "Extrusion Process Control Using an Online Rheometer” in the General Extrusion Session. This presentation will focus on the following:


  1. Application and Benefits of using Dynisco online rheometers in plastics manufacturing industry. In more details, how to interpret the data from the online rheometer to understand extrusion process stability, melt flow consistency, polymer shear thinning behavior, or IV data for hygroscopic polymers.
  2. Principles of Operations: How Dynisco online rheometers are designed on an extruder to constantly control the amount of volumetric flow rate and driving pressure while considering the effect of temperature variation, reservoir pressure, and capillary diameter.


Extrusion 2020's technical, specific and purposeful information is crafted specifically for plant and production management, engineers, technology leaders, maintenance personnel and anyone involved in any type of extrusion. Conference general sessions from the best minds in extrusion cover best practices, troubleshooting, and processing solutions that can help you run your operation and maximize the utilization of your existing assets—as efficiently as possible.  

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