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72-Hour* Repair or Replacement Program

Dynisco is pleased to announce a 72-Hour* Repair or Replacement Program for our most popular melt pressure sensors. We realize how critical it is to get your line back up and running as quickly as possible. Routine calibrations and scheduled preventive maintenance are the keys to longer equipment life, reduced operation costs, and having peace of mind with test results you can trust.  


We will:

  • Evaluate and identify instrument malfunction
  • Repair or replace unit within 72 hours
  • Verify compliance with industry standards
  • Provide Certificates of Calibration traceable to national standards

This rapid response program is designed specifically for these popular models:










TPT463E-10M-6/18-B628 (Nak fill)

TPT463E-5M-6/18-B171 (Nak fill)

PT462E-10M-6/18-B171 (Nak fill)

PT462E-5M- 6/18-B171 (Nak fill)

PT460E-5M-6-B171 (Nak fill)


Call the Dynisco Customer Service Team for Details to Get Started. 
1-800-322-2245 (Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm EST).


* Please note that this program is available to Dynisco customers in North America only, who provide a purchase order when RMA is assigned.